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Running script after enabling stacking.

  • 7 January 2014
  • 3 replies

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Create Date: May 3 2012 3:28AM

I have a remote site that I need to configure stacking, which therefore when enabled , reboots the switches to a default configuration, I have created a configuation script, which works when I have console access , to "load script xxxx"

My question is how can I automate the load script after the stack reboot .. as I would have lost all my remote access etc..

many thanks

(from Rod_Robertson)

3 replies

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Create Date: May 9 2012 12:35PM

This is very easy we do this from time to time. What you do is basicly have a script on the machine called


do a

mv switchname.xsf default.xsf

Then you do

configure stacking-easy setup

Reboot and the switch will load the default.xsf since the switch is empty on configuration.

Be aware that you would have to have the right configuration in the file so everything called port 1 would be called port 1:1 instead etc.

Hope this helps.!

(from Andreas_Larsen)
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Create Date: May 16 2012 4:46AM

Many Thanks

Just tried this in the lab, we will see what heppens when we do it to teh live network


(from Rod_Robertson)
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Create Date: May 27 2012 12:17PM

We also made a PHP-script that converts the configurations so it's really easy to convert single devices to stacks! :-)

I think that Extreme should provide this feature to their customers, it should not be that hard to implement as a script in EXOS. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)