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speed problem

  • 9 September 2014
  • 4 replies

We are Using 20 wireless extreme AP-4521 also we configured virtual controller. Our all client pc are connecting only 65 mpbs speed. its possible to increase ....we are feel very slow

4 replies

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Hello Mohammed

Are all of the SSIDs set to bridge local? Also what standard are you using ? N?

Hi Paul
yes all SSID set to bridge local. we are using N Standard also
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As you've mentioned the max speed right now is 65Mb which is an 802.11n speed so I wonder whether your clients don't support higher speeds.
For example my old IPad also runs on 65Mb max as the WLAN adapter doesn't support more.
Another reason for low connection speed could be low signal strenght- so could you try with a 802.11n notebook directly beside the AP and tell us the results.
Hi Ronald,
We are using latest Dell Laptops its support up to N standard moreover we accessing WiFi very closer of the device .That time also same thinks is happening. if u have any idea...