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Coming Soon - Extreme Networks GTAC Knowledge

  • 19 March 2015
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Dear Valued Customers and Channel Partners,
We're listening to your feedback, and as a result, we are improving and expanding our services! In mid-April 2015, we will be introducing GTAC Knowledge, an on-demand solution website that enables you to search, discover, and apply resolutions to the Extreme Networks products you count on daily.

Utilizing a KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) approach to knowledge management, our GTAC engineers create solution-driven articles to a variety of network exceptions they encounter. In a month’s time, we will share this knowledge repository directly with you to explore and learn from.

You can access GTAC Knowledge from a browser or your favorite mobile device. Take advantage of these authentic GTAC resolutions to diagnose and remediate an issue, on your own time, at your convenience.

GTAC Knowledge is designed to enhance your support staff’s effectiveness by reducing case handling time, improving resolution rates, and providing fast search capabilities.

We understand the importance of having information at your fingertips, and with the release of GTAC Knowledge, you will have another resource to help you more effectively operate your Extreme products. Look for upcoming email updates and check back here on The Hub to learn more about GTAC Knowledge.

We believe that you will be thrilled with this new self-service tool. Together, we make one great engineer.

Post here and let us know what you think!

Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)

P.S. Here's a teaser image of the GTAC Knowledge website:

6 replies

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Really excited to see our GTAC Knowledge Site go live soon. The team has been working very hard to adopt KCS this last year and I think our great customers around the world will very much appreciate this new service. Won't be long now!
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It must be a dream come true.
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Will it include some kind of service alert for known issues...... i.e. problem in the latest release.
It's kind of annoying to call GTAC before every upgrade to get informed about what is not working in the latest build.
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This first iteration of GTAC Knowledge does not have proactive alerting capability. That is a great idea though and definitely something we'll be adding as soon as we can.

What we can do....

1) We'll take advantage of an option to feature content on GTAC Knowledge. This will help us call out new service affecting issues that GTAC resolves as much as we can.

2) In the interim, you can sign up for proactive service notifications via this link: http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/service-notification-form/. This is a good way to get an alert on Known Issues that we document in a more formal way (i.e. documented in release notes, per code release for example). Easiest way to get to our Release Notes:

3) Last point to make is that the GTAC Knowledge site will often times have resolutions and/or workarounds (example: while we're waiting for code) long before we'd actually consider something a "known" issue. That's because in our Knowledge Program, the GTAC engineers create content while they resolve issues. This expedites our ability to tell customers about it and do so in a self-service way.

So, despite lacking a proactive alert system to start, I think you'll actually find that we share information on known or emerging problems much, much, much faster than you've seen from us in the past.

Long term, we'll find ways to allow you to personalize the workflow and keep you abreast of emerging solutions as we publish them out to the GTAC Knowledge site.
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Looking forward to GTAC Knowledge!
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Hey Matt,

Here is a linke to GTAC Knowledge: http://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/

We're live!