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error run show openflow command

  • 22 June 2015
  • 5 replies

my extreme switch x440 have openflow license when run " show openflow" command see this error:
Error:can't read "XmlData(reply.message.openflowglobalconfig.isenables)" no such element in array.

and then i Can't use command with openflow such as show openflow or other command.

5 replies

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Hi Mikaeil,

Please refer the article below for enabling openflow license.


Hope this helps!

if you are still facing the issue, please execute provide the output of show license and show version images.

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the license is installed as per the output above. Can you please execute the command show version images and share the output?

Also, try the command "run update" and then execute the openflow commands. There seems to be a process crash in the switch for which I would recommend you to contact TAC.

X440-48t.2 # show version images
Card Partition Installation Date Version Name Branch
Switch primary Mon May 25 19:37:17 UTC 2015 summitX- v1571b4
Switch primary Mon May 25 19:59:37 UTC 2015 summitX- v1571b4
Switch secondary Mon May 25 20:22:20 UTC 2015 summitX- v1553b4
Switch secondary Mon May 25 20:30:59 UTC 2015 summitX- v1553b4

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Based on the posted information it looks like you have everything configured as you should. There is no "run openflow" - I would suggest you get the user guide from the web site for reference: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/exos/EXOS_All/Preface/c_introduction.shtml

The commands for openflow are the following:
configure openflow add logical-port,

configure openflow controller,

configure openflow default-rule bddp

configure openflow default-rule iparp

configure openflow default-rule lldp

configure openflow default-rule miss

configure openflow delete logical-port

configure openflow version

configure openflow vlan mode

debug openflow show flows

debug openflow

disable openflow

disable openflow vlan

disable openflow vlan mode

enable openflow

enable openflow vlan

enable openflow vlan mode

show openflow

show openflow controller

show openflow flows

show openflow groups

show openflow ports

show openflow vlan

unconfigure openflow controller

clear openflow counters