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how to enable openflow mode

  • 8 April 2015
  • 5 replies

I have summit-X670-G2 switch, I had installed summitX- and summitX- os on the switch, still I am able to use Open-Flow mode, Any problem with license ?
How can I enable Open-Flow mode on this switch ?

5 replies

You need to add an OpenFlow license to enable it, the OpenFlow License part number for X670-G2 is 17134 ( ExtremeXOS SDN - OpenFlow Feature Pack for Summit X670 series switches ), after you add it, you will able to enjoy OF feature.
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you should be able to enable it with trial license.
Where can I find this trial license ?
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Where can I find this trial license ?Unfortunately, there isn't a trial license specific to OpenFlow.
Where can I find this trial license ?Can you please tell then how can I use this switch with OF enable ?