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Maximum number of active Openflow flows in 15.7.x

  • 18 May 2015
  • 2 replies

Is there any limitation in 15.7.x re the maximum number of active Openflow (v1.3) flows supported at any point in time for X440-8p switches?I am sending traffic from a range of source IPs/MACs and can install approx. 125 flows but not more than that. The log shows that the ACL hardware is full.

2 replies

Thanks Brandon!
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Hi Arun,

The number of flows will be limited by the ACL hardware on the switch, as this is used to implement the flows.

The X440 has a relatively small amount of ACL hardware, with only 4 slices that can each contain 256 rules. These slices are subject to other constraints, including the type of match conditions in the ACL (or flow in the case of Openflow). You can find a more detailed explanation of this in the EXOS User Guide, under the ACL Slices and Rules section.