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Opendaylight workflow for SDN challenge

  • 30 January 2015
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1. My understanding is that I can write either a OSGi bundle (as AD-SAL (or) MD-SAL service) that runs in the controller space or a remote app that consumes the Rest API to communicate with the controller. Could you confirm this is correct?

[b] Yes

2. For writing the OSGi bundle (which makes sense for my use case), I would require the Java API doc. Theopendaylight.org site of late has been unsupportive with broken links for the Java doc. I have not heard back from opendaylight-dev mailing list folks on this.

Yes, the javadoc links are currently not working. Not sure why.

I will persuade the site admin to fix it, but this being open source, it might take a few days.

In the mean time, here is a workaround.

You can download a copy of the java source from the link below:


Then generate javadoc from the source by adding a javadoc section to the top level pom.xml file:


(You would only need to add the javadoc section, not the rest of the stuff on that page.)

I would also recommend exploring this link:


The various projects within OpenDaylight operate primarily from IRC instead of email.

IRC is a lot faster.

Just browse around the OpenDaylight wiki site to find the IRC channels that might be related to your work and join in the conversation.

1 reply

In addition to the above, you can sign up and post to the controller-dev mailing list.
All of the mailing lists can be found here: