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OpenFlow stack configuration

  • 11 November 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi, We have stacked configuration which comprises of X440G2 and X460G2(stack master) switches. we have openflow enabled on them and want to know the openflow flow capacity(number of flows) on a stacked configuration with and without FDB flows enabled?

On a single switch we see a max of 255 flows installed. Other post suggest the same limitation due to the ACL but they mention a flow count of 256 per ACL slice. How does this ACL slicing work in stack mode? In stack mode does the OpenFlow agent utilise all the switches ACL?

1 reply

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OpenFlow uses ACL's to create flows, and static FDB entries if enabled. The limit of flows are directly related to what type of openflow/ACL flows you are creating, and where the ingress of the flow is.

Each switch in a stack has there own ACL slices so it could theoretically double the number of flows.

Example: X is the number max flows on a single switch

X flows from Slot 1 to 2, and X flows from slot 2 to 1

Hope this helps.