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Punting packets to the controller

When I send new TCP traffic into the switch (summit X440-8p), the packets are not sent to the controller by default. They seem to be handled by the L2 FDB extension to the switch which has a default action of 'forward'. ARP packets make it to the controller though. Could somebody help me understand what is going on here?

I am running summitX_DA-0.2.xos with summitX-openflow_DA-0.2.xmod on the switch with FDB turned off and access list width set to double.

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I am not familiar with the SummitX_DA-0.2 image. When running "show version" what is the version number displayed? For example, EXOS will show "v1571b4-patch1-1."


Hi Andrew,

The image is v1570b1.
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EXOS is pre-GA software. I would suggest upgrading to the latest release of 15.7.1 and testing following the upgrade.

Thanks Brandon! It works now