RESTCONF API requirements

What are the mandatory RESTCONF API requirements to be complied by an application/server exposing RESTCONF API (with XML or JSON payload) ? FYI, I already gone through the draft-ietf-netconf-restconf-09.

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Anu,
Sorry to have kept you waiting on this one. It seems that is because there hasn't been a good answer to provide until recently.
I'm told that REST APIs are planned for a later release and are expected to follow the Open API (Swagger) model.
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Hi Anu,

Add RESTCONF Reference Documentation:

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I'd like to add a few links regarding RESTCONF and OpenConfig to help people who want to find out what this is all about:

IMHO slightly better URL to ExtremeXOS RESTCONF documentation than the above:

RESTCONF entry point on Extreme Network's GitHub presence:

ExtremeXOS 22.4.1 release announcement (announcing RESTCONF support) on The Hub:

ExtremeXOS 22.4.1 release notes section on RESTCONF:

RFC 8040, RESTCONF Protocol:


OpenConfig calls itself

Vendor-neutral, model-driven network management designed by users

I am quite excited to see Extreme implementing RESTCONF and OpenConfig support. :-)