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SDN Network with Enterasys S-Series switches

  • 14 December 2015
  • 1 reply

We would
like to set up an SDN Network. A Controller (POX and OpenDaylight which runs on virtual environment (VM)) shall operate with Enterasys S-Series switches communicating with OpenFlow.

We have already tested the controller’s functionality virtually using mininet. In mininet it can be specified that the controller is remote and the controller’s ip address (example):

sudo mn --topo linear,3 --mac --controller remote,ip= --switch ovsk

My questions are now:

Can something similar be configured on the Enterasys S-Series switches (I haven’t seen something in the configuration manual)?

Which Enterasys S-Series SW Version do we need at least for this SDN setup?

Which OpenFlow Versions are supported?

1 reply

Greetings Rolf,

My Product Management friends tell me we are supporting OF v1.3 as part of the 8.61 firmware release for S-Series coming in late February. This will be initially supported on the SSA180's and any fabric inserted in the S1-chassis. Based on customer feedback, we are considering extending support to the multi-slot S-Series chassis in a future release. Hope this helps!