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Specifiyng QoS profile queue when installing flows

Hi Bithika,
Could you share the way to specify QoS profiles when installing flows in the switch?

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Would it be possible for you to elaborate a bit more? Are you just wanting to configure QoS profiles on specific ports? What type of HW are you using?
Hi Joshua,
Yes. Based on the nature of the payload, I would like to install some flows in a way that they are enqueued in a higher priority QoS Profile queue (QP8 for example) in hardware for a specific port. I have a summit X440-8p running the appropriate 15.7 image
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Understood. You can configure QoS profiles. QP7 (QP8) is reserved for HW; however, you can use QP5 or 6. In order to do this you would need to create the QoS profiles, map it to your expected DSCP (if necessary) and then apply it to your specified ports or VLAN. Take a look at this article available in our public knowledge base and let me know if any additional information is required.