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Testing L2 Virtual Network created by VTN Manager

  • 26 March 2015
  • 1 reply


I have a question regarding VTN Manager and Mininet. How do I test to make sure that packets are correctly getting VLAN tagged after port mapping?

I current have a Mininet topology of h1 <-> s1 <-> h2. I port map h1 to VInterface1 of VBridge1 with VLAN id 10, then I port map h2 to Vinterface2 of VBridge2 with VLAN id 20. The status of the VTN and its components is UP (state == 1), so it appears that the virtual network is correctly configured. But in Mininet, I use the command "h1 ping h2" and hosts are still able to ping each other, even though the hosts are on separate VBridges with separate VLAN id.

The only noticeable difference after creating the VTN is that the hosts do not appear in DLUX's topology pane, while the switch remains visible.

I would like a test case where the hosts are unreachable to each other after configuration of VTN. How can I make this possible?

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1 reply

I think it is working as expected. though hosts are in different VLAN they belong to same VTN so they are pinging each other.

To Isolate hosts, You need to place them in different VTNs.