Extreme Control Appliance as accounting proxy for sso

  • 7 December 2018
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is it possible to use control appliance/engine as accounting proxy for sso on firewalls?

Control appliance/engine is set as radius & accounting server.
We like to forward accounting information to firewall for using SSO and authentication based policy on firewall.

Is this possible and is it possible without NMS ADV & Connect-API?

4 replies

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What brand of firewall?
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I'd like to know in general, so the firewall brand is not so important.
In one special case it's Watchguard.
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I know it can be done on Fortigate and Palo Alto, but you need the Advanced version and be able to utilize the connect api.
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NMS-ADV is needed. You can use different modules to achieve this. the most generic one is for LightSpeed and you can use it for Sonicwall firewall and for CheckPoint also.