NAC user capacity exceeded

  • 10 February 2014
  • 3 replies

How is a NAC affected if the End System Capacity shows 175% even when we have only 2300 users now (the system says it has 5400 and the license is for 3000 users), which is this number signifies?, there is a way to see the actual number of users in a report or by console?. Thank you.

3 replies

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The End System capacity shows the number of unique MAC addresses seen within the last 24 hour period on that NAC appliance. When you say you have 2300 users now do you mean those are number of users currently in the Accept state? Or are there only 2300 devices in the NAC end system table itself?
Thank you for your quick response Tyler, actually are the number of wireless users reported by the Wireless Controllers and NAC is only for wireless. Then my specific question is I have a license for 3,000 users, how is that license acts when I have 5,400 end systems or more represented in NAC statistics if that stats are from 24 hours?, I mean, I don't have more than 3,000 end systems, is there any problem with this?, because in NAC manager says the system is more than 100% user capacity exceded. Is there a way to see which systems are connected right now?, I thought it will be a nice feature to have the actual systems with OS type. Thank you again.
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You should be able to apply a filter based on time that says seen Today or between Yesterday and Today. Any end system that shows up is counted towards the end system count.