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New GTAC Knowledge Articles July 12-19, 2015

  • 20 July 2015
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Here are the new articles that were published last week (July 12 - July 19, 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday 7/19/2015: none

Saturday 7/18/2015
How To Configure Routers at a Main and Remote location Using Static Routes
Why does "show stacking-support" in Summit 460 series alternate stack shows stacking-support as disabled
Radio 1 channel width 'auto' causes Tx power to drop to 0dmb
Dragon: Network sensors will not start on a new installation
TXMI RAM parity errors on the slots of BD 12K
Is there a clarification on what the Min Basic Rate setting does for you?

Friday 7/17/2015
Policy Role limits on C5
Dragon: Net-cfg-server Crashes Resulting in Deploy failure
How To Configure NTP on SecureStack
Where can attribute limits be found for EXOS
What is the Maximum number for VRRP instances a switch can support
RADIUS requests fail to contact secondary server when primary is down
Normal operating temperature range for a Summit x460-G2-24t
Switch Port Failure
Loops in EAPS protected vlan with ELSM

Thursday 7/16/2015
Can I add multiple untagged vlans to a port?
Unable to ping management interface after 'no shut'ing another interface
How To Change Root SSH Password On A NAC Appliance
G-Series will not boot up, reset/crash with errors:

Wednesday 7/15/2015
Unable to establish stack over QSFP+_5m passive cable
How to Create an Account and add a Password to a Securestack
Where can i find documentation about new GUI (Chalet) for EXOS
Failed Slot - Firmware Mismatch
SecureStack reset/crash with - spm.c + Backtrace.
reboot due to memory depletion of process climaster
How to format EXOS scripting in Python.

Tuesday 7/14/2015
NetSight eval has expired, unable to load console to deploy newlicense
Dragon: Dashboard Shows No Data in Graphs
Summit X460-G2 will not boot
What is the meaning for "shid_eeprom_read (27): big address write failed"s001a: xcvr_read_eeprom: Failed"
Wireless clients Bridged at AP not getting DHCP on Single Wireless Access Point
EXSH process consumes 50% CPU process

Monday 7/13/2015: none
Sunday 7/12/2015: none

2 replies

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Thanks Ken!
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Wow! Great list Ken.

Thanks to the GTAC for some great content here to share with our customers.

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