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auto or manual priority for 460G2 switches in a stack?

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We used easy stacking to deploy our stacks throughout our deployment of 460 G2 switches. I have noticed that the slot 2 device is now showing as the Master and slot 1 is the Backup, with the remaining switches in the stack showing as Standby. At current I do not know if this is causing an issue but had similar situation in Cisco Environments where ordering such as this caused big problems. These edge devices are Mlagged to (2) 670 switches for L3 and the 670's are linked via ISC. Should I manually set the priority on the 460's or leave them as they are? Presuming I am not having an issue, but will be looking into this further. Does anyone have any recommendations? I will confirm the code version we are running and post back.

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Hi Dean,

I imagine that this would depend on whether your upstream ports require fixed addressing. It may also depend on if you have ports that require to be permanently addressed.

If you desire redundancy more than bandwidth then your addressing of (edge) ports shouldn't matter. YMMV.

Also, are these local switches or off site because a static setting is one less thing to troubleshoot when they are off site.

You could manually set your stack order(s).

Enterasys: set switch movemanagement (from) 3 (to) 1

XOS: configure stacking node-address "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" priority y

I hope this gives you some things to consider as everyone's requirements and advice will differ.


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Hi, Using easy-setup for stacking gives a very predictive way of slot numbering. The one where you've been connected in console, and issuing the command, is the Master. The Backup is the physical second member (determined by the stack port cabling). This will not affect stack performance. Likewise the traffic is not affected neither, slot 1 has no specific priority/difference than any other slot. Your LAG to the Core can be spread on any slots. Forwarding decision is made by default by hash. You can change that to favor local switching with recent EXOS version.