B5 end of life

  • 19 April 2016
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What is the end of sale and end of life for the B5 switches?

3 replies

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Hi Jeremy,

It looks like 6/30/2015 & 6/30/2020 respectively.

Source: http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/end-of-sale-and-end-of-support-products
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Actually there is no EOS Date fixed for the B5.

Extreme Networks communicates product End of Sale through this webpage. Extreme Networks strives to notify customers 6 months in advance, when possible, through this online mechanism.

So usually it shouldn't be end of June. But to be honest. I would move any decision to a Summit X450, since this is a platform of future,

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That's actually a good point, Andre. Upon closer inspection, it appears that that item is only for bundles of the B5, not the B5 itself. Apologies for any confusion.