BD 8810 ISC problem with LAG to ESXi host

  • 7 December 2016
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Hello everyone!

We are experiencing problem with teaming NICs between ESXi host and BD 8810 stacked with ISC. Interface sharing on switch is configured in Static L3_L4 mode and NIC teaming in ESXi is configured as "Route based on IP hash".
After a minute all VMs on this host are losing network connectivity. When we try to send icmp ping to default gateway it is becoming accessible again after couple of packets.

What can be the problem of this behavior and how to solve this problem?

3 replies

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Hi Igor,

Could you please provide the outputs of "# show configuration vsm" and "# show sharing"

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Take a look at this article from VMWare:
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LACP only possible with vSphere Enterprise Plus license.