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C3 replace management switch works different than GTAC KB

  • 11 January 2016
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Hi there,

Would anyone know if https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/How-do-I-replace-a-faulty-unit-or-management-... is still a valid guide?

In fact today we needed to replace the manager of a (2-switch) stack.

"set switch movemanagement" indeed moved the management, but did not clear the config.

Also the config saved previously via "show config outfile" was nowehere to be found on the new manager.

That's not bad as it did not clear the config in the first place.

Finally, we just installed the replacement and "set switch movemanagement"ed back. One of the uplinks was not recognized, therefore we finally reloaded the whole stack after which everything was back to normal.

So, are the instructions from the referenced article still valid?


4 replies

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Hi Jeronimo,

It seems that the article portion that refers to replacing a stack manager needs to be rewritten. We will address that and publish a new version today.

There should not be a reset or loss of config when moving the manager.

To swap out the operational manager unit for a replacement manager unit having the same unit number and firmware version, these are the steps that would be required:

Issue the 'set switch movemanagement...' command to swap the manager role to a different unit (30-40 seconds stack disruption).

Remove the now non-manager unit (2-3 seconds disruption).

Add a new non-manager unit (will eventually integrate - takes longer if the stack is busy), and confirm that it has the proper unit number.

Issue the 'set switch movemanagement...' command to swap the manager role to the unit that was just added (30-40 seconds stack disruption).

In none of these steps would an actual reset (power cycle) of stack units occur. However, the entire stack will not be able to pass traffic for certain intervals of time as stated above in steps 1, 2, and 4.

I hope this helps
Thanks and Best Regards
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The article has now been updated. Thankyou for bringing this to our attention.


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Thanks. Great support :)

In fact, since this is a procedure that has to happen now and then, maybe there should be a detailed procedure in one of the officials docs?
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Thanks Jeronimo,

That is useful feedback. I checked the official documents and while they do document removal and addition of units to a stack, they do not specifically address replacement of an existing unit so i will forward on your feedback to documentation.

Thanks again