do combo ports do stacking

  • 10 June 2016
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do combo ports ( ethernet/fibre ) on x250e-48p/ extend stacking capability ?. I do have a stack of 2 switches, i am planning to create another stack of 2 switches in a different building .. am using fiber and copper for redundancy . since i already have an existing working stack would the Ethernet or fiber in combo ports extend the stark capabilities or i have to reconfigure the new switch stack ..
Thank you so much for your advise

3 replies

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Hey Joe

Only 10G ports can stack not 1G.

if you want to use the 1G combo ports you will have to LAG them into the other stack.

Hope that helps
Thanks Paul, i have 2 vlans on the stack and still need 2 vlans extended to the other stack(new), the voice vlans has dhcp server on extreme switch (x250e-48p) would the dhcp still work on lag ports ? Thanks again.
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Hey Joe

Yes if you have DHCP turned on those LAG ports for that VLAN the switch should still answer the DHCP request coming in from the 2nd stack.

I am not aware of any DHCP limitation per port. Normally the limitation is per switch.