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dual Master same time 3 different stacks

  • 13 September 2018
  • 11 replies

*00:04:96:82:4d:0b 1 Active Master CA-

00:04:96:82:4c:fd 2 Active Master CA-

00:04:96:7e:29:97 7 Active Standby CA-

00:04:96:7e:29:91 8 Active Standby CA-

00:04:96:97:77:35 3 Active Backup CA-

00:04:96:97:77:3c 4 Active Standby CA-

00:04:96:9c:44:cd 6 Active Standby CA-

Same issue happend 3 different DC's with 3 diffrent stacks and in same time, i cant be cabling, power for any.
Stacks running with ExtremeXOS version15.3.1.4

11 replies

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Running eaps or anything between stacks?
Hi Eric, Only possiblity L2 connected over DCI
but cant find any MAC in each other Stacks, other two stachs are isolated network
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What is (was?) the uptime on those switches?
Around 4 year, we have power recycled after the issue, we dont have time stamps for all them,
I have got for one stack i.e.
Boot Time: Tue Jun 3 18:33:52 2014
Soory if you looking for system uptime.

1, System UpTime: 1562 days 20 hours 37 minutes 21 seconds
2. System UpTime: 1563 days 5 hours 56 minutes 36 seconds
3. System UpTime: 1563 days 5 hours 56 minutes 36 seconds
3. System UpTime: 1563 days 5 hours 48 minutes 2 seconds
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I believe you are hitting a known issue at around 1500 days of uptime, where the Master and Backup do not see each other and you have a dual Master happening. That has been fixed for a long time, but I assume not in your current release (upgrade to the latest). A reboot would solve that for another 4 years...
Thank you Stephane, is there any article, available so that will get business approvals for down time
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We would need someone from GTAC that knows the bug number. I was able to find similar (old) feedback of a similar issue for other customers searching this community, but unfortunately I didn't see a tracking number (https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/xos-12-6-1-3-stack-crashes-after-1555-days-upti...). 1555 days of uptime then the bug bringing dual Master state.
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Please open a case with GTAC so they can continue to investigate this with Engineering.