ExtremeSwitching X620-16x-Base Stacking Cable ?

  • 15 February 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi guys,

I am replacing my client old Summit X650-24x with ExtremeSwitching X620-16x-Base. The old switch has stacking configuration. 

My question here, will I able to use the old switch stacking “Cable” on my the new ExtremeSwitching X620-16x-Base? Is it compatible? 

To be clear, I will get rid of the old switch (x2 units) and configure new stacking with the new switch (x2 units). I couldn’t find any documentation that mention whether the old switch stacking cable can be used on the new one.

Thanks in advance,

1 reply

Okay problem solved, ExtremeSwitching X620 actually uses front port 15-16 instead of backside port as the summit ones. Thank you