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Fan Numbering in the SecureStack Series

The information previously posted "Article ID: 10819" is wrong, at least for B3, C3 (fw: !!!

'Fan 1' - are the fans located on the rear of the unit near the stacking cables
'Fan 2' - are the fans located on the sides of the SecureStack unit

... and not the opposite as described in Article ID: 10819.

Best regards,
Tomaz Mag. Crespo.

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I looked at this and did some quick testing on 6.42 and 5.02 branches with a C3 in the lab and I concur with your finding. We will do some more research and possible get that old article corrected.
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The article has been updated thanks Tomaz for the heads up.
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Daniel Coughlin wrote:

The article has been updated thanks Tomaz for the heads up.

Article ID 10819 REF for those that read this in the future:

Also, good to mention that we'll soon start to expose article numbers in the near future for easier reference. This particular article ID was from a set published out as content on the Hub and Extreme Unified Search did a nice job finding it: http://www.extremenetworks.com/search/#q=Article%20ID%3A%2010819&t=All&sort=relevancy

But, definitely an area we can improve for our users going forward.

Dan was on it though and got the problem Tomasz pointed out. Thanks gents!