how many stack cables for two switches stack

  • 24 August 2015
  • 3 replies

how many stack cables do I need for two switches stack?
I want to make a stack with just two x450G2 switches, I want to know how many stacking cables I need in order to get my stack

3 replies

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In order to build a stack all you need is one. This will place the stack in a daisy chain stacking topology. If you would like full redundancy I would recommend the ring stacking topology which requires two cables for a two switch stack.
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Also making a complete ring of all stack-ports will add stacking bandwith between the slots, the stackconnections are all used for unicast traffic, only for broadcast and multicast 1 port is blocked.
for a daisy-chain implementation you just need 1 cable from master to the expansion switch.

Pardeep Singh