How to replace Stacking Switch with different model.

  • 20 July 2015
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Hi all,

How to replace Stacking Switch with different model.

My question is How Can I Add Different Module/model to the current configured Module/model. Please see below for more detail.

I have uploaded the configuration to the Stack.
Current Configuration for Slot 1 is X250e-48t
and Now Replacement unit module is X250e-48p

if i use unconfigure slot 1.
Configuration will wipe out slot 1 config. I have to reconfigure the configuration it will not easy for the operation and during hardware replacement.

Please advice. How can i achieve without effecting the current config for port and vlan for slot 1 except changing from X250e-48t to X250e-48p. Thanks.

Slot-2 SW # unconfigure slot 1
This slot will be rebooted as part of this operation.

This will remove all port and vlan information for ports in this slot(1).
Any ports on this slot that are members of load share groups will be removed
from the load share group.
Continue ? (y/N)

configure slot 1 module X250e-48t
configure sys-recovery-level slot 1 reset
configure slot 2 module X250e-48t
configure sys-recovery-level slot 2 reset

Slot-2 SW # sh slotSlots Type Configured State Ports
Slot-1 X250e-48p X250e-48t Mismatch 50
Slot-2 X250e-48t X250e-48t Operational 50

Slot-2 SW # sh slot 1
Slot-1 information:
State: Mismatch
Download %: 0
Last Error: Card Mismatch
Restart count: 0 (limit 5)
Serial number: N/A(0) N/A(0)
Hw Module Type: X250e-48p
Configured Type: X250e-48t
Ports available: 50
Recovery Mode: Reset
Node MAC: 02:04:96:28:22:1B
Current State: FAIL (Card Mismatch)
Image Selected: secondary
Image Booted: secondary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:
Config Selected: primary.cfg

Slot-2 SW #

4 replies

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Hi Paul,
Please follow below article to add a new node to exiting stack.

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Hi Suresh,

Thanks. My problem right now is Replacing the Stack Switch with different model. Please assist.

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Hi Paul,

I would suggest to you do this activity under maintenance window.

We have to unconfigure slot 1 and this will remove the configuration from the node that to be

replaced from stack.

All configuration parameters (except for the related node's NVRAM-based configurations such as

stacking parameters, image to be used, and failsafe account) for the slot will be erased.

Follow the steps to add a new node which I have shared on the article and load the modified configuration to the replacement switch.


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Hi Suresh,

Noted. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

- Paul