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Load sharing rules in stack (X670V & X460)

  • 26 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi Team, in a stack with X670V and X460 stacking like this :
Slot-1 X670V-48x X670V-48x Operational 64
Slot-2 X670V-48x X670V-48x Operational 64
Slot-3 X460-48x X460-48x Operational 54
Slot-4 X460-48x X460-48x Operational 54
I want to do a sharing only on slot 1 & 2 (X670V), LACP LAG with "address-based L3_L4 lacp" algorithm, I can't have 16 selected links, only 8 selected and 8 standby.
Is this limitation due to the X460 ?

3 replies

thanks for replies
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You may also want to take a look at the stacking tool: https://stackingtool.extremenetworks.com
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I think this is a horrible idea!

Every aspect of the the 670s is going to be limited by the capacity of the 460s. Keep it as two stacks so you get your moneys worth out of the 670s.

As for your question, I do not know the answer. I have never tried to create a 16 port lag.

Good luck