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MAC Authenticate Enterasys C5 in Extreme X450

  • 27 August 2018
  • 4 replies


I want to mac authenticate C5 with X450.

In X450 I enabled netlogin mac auth and tested with other X450 but when a connect C5 link is up and nothing happens. RADIUS are not triggered.

Do I need make any configuration in C5?

Thanks in advance.

4 replies

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Check out this article on how to enable netlogin on XoS:


You should not need configuration on C5. X450 should learn the MAC address and trigger RADIUS authentication.

Make sure BPDU guard, or some other spanning tree blocking mechanism isn't preventing issues.


Netlogin configuration is exactly the same as the link you shared and works perfect for all devices connected (C5 not).

I'm sure BPDU is not part of this issue. I tested BPDU executing command:

configure stpd ports link-type edge edge-safeguard enable bpdu-restrict

And port was disabled. I restored original config.

Maybe configuring LLDP to advertise C5 MAC info can help. I will test.



Authenticating C5 through MAC via Netlogin works perfect. The reason I did'nt find any info in log messages was C5 acts as a passive device and doesn't send any info to port switch connected.

When a device is connected to it or I execute ping command an auth mechanism is activated.

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Very good!