Possible to stack x480-48t with a x620-16X?

  • 25 April 2017
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I have an x480 that I want to add multiple 10G ports to. Is it possible to stack this with a x620-16X?

If yes, what modules would I need to add-on/buy for both switches?

8 replies

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Bad luck here. You need the same firmware on both units. But X620 starts on 21.x and X480 stays at 16.x. You can still use MLAG and EAPS, but each device will have own IP address and config. Z.
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Hello Kaon,

It is not possible due to the minimum and maximum code supported for those switches. The x480 can only be upgraded to 16.2 and the minimum version allowed on the x620 is 21.1.
Do I have any options of buying a switch with multiple 10G ports to stack with the x480?

I know the x480 has the 4x10G module but I want more than 4 ports.
How about stacking the x480 with a X650-24x? Could that work?
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Hello Kaon,

Those two switches can run the same version of code. I would recommend looking at our stacking tool for different methods on stacking and what switches are compatible with what:


As far as the minimum and maximum software you can utilize the link below:


Hope this helps!
The x650 is not listed as an option on this tool.
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Hello Kaon,

The stacking tool is relatively new. The x650 is a EOS product and I am assuming it wasn't added because of this.
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You can use a x670V to stack with a x480, using the 40G VIMs, for example. But you'd limit the scalability of the x480 to the x670V.