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Problem with stack between X250 - X440

Hello people,
I have two switches in stack.
The switches are X250e-24t and X440-48p.
The version is
This stack has two ports in trunk configured in sharing to the switch core.
The spanning tree is not configured in this network.
One week ago I had a problem because there were a l2 loop.
I think it was a stack problem, causing the misconfiguration of the two ports in sharing and lease two trunk actived.
What do you think?
Are there problems if I do a stack with two platform different?
If I upgrade the version, Can I resolve this problem?
Thank you.

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Leonardo, If upgrade is an easy option then i would suggest an upgrade to recommended version of EXOS. Being said this, multiple factors can bring dual master in a stack and if the last one happened due to a code issue then upgrade might fix but not 100% since X250e is the older version of hardware the recommendation is EXOS Here is a link for reference http://www.extremenetworks.com/extreme-hardwaresoftware-compatibility-recommendation-matrices/software-release-recommendations/ If the same issue happens after upgrade then i would suggest to open up a GTAC case to analyze this further.
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Adding to my colleagues suggestion (Karthik). Also, look for the stacking port Rx errors & Tx errors are getting incremented:-
  • show ports stack-ports rxerrors no-refresh
  • show ports stack-ports txerrors no-refresh

In case, if the Rx errors are getting incremented. Check stacking cables for good connections, firmly connected with the screws tightened.
If you have a spare stacking cable. Try swapping them with the spare one and monitor the stacking ports Rxerrors
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could you share the output of "show stacking"
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Hi Leonardo,
Were you able to resolve this issue, or do you still need assistance?
Hi Drew,
I have upgraded the version and until now the problem is not appeared.
Thank you.