Sharing hosts between X450a and X460-G2

  • 11 April 2016
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We have two switches:
1. X450a
2. X460-G2

We managed to connect the two switches through a 1GE trunk. However, I am looking for a solution with higher bandwidth.

What options do you recommend?

Could I use this part for the 10G ports:
- 10304 10GBASE-CR SFP+ 1m 10GBASE-CR SFP+ pre-terminated twin-ax copper cable with link lengths of 1m.

Could I use these and do stacking:

- 16713 Summit X460-G2 VIM-2ss
- 16106 Stacking Cable, 0.5M

Thanks, Balázs

3 replies

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you'll not be able to stack them together, as x450a supports max EXOS 15.3 while x460G2 requires 15.6 min.

You can check this here:

However, you can interconnect them at 10G, if you have the 10G VIM on the x450a.
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you can create link aggregation of more 1G links together also = no need for VIM...
Thanks for the comments and help!