STACK reboot issue

  • 8 February 2017
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I also have a problem with an unexpected reboot.
X440-G2-24t. Patch 1-5.

All works but then backup switch reboots when one of the stack cables are disconnected.

5 replies

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Hi ,

What is the current status of stack?

Do you see any dual master situation in stack?

Please check below article.


* Slot-1 Stack.8 # sh stackingStack Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Active Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Node MAC Address Slot Stack State Role Flags
------------------ ---- ----------- ------- ---
*00:04:96:9b:ba:06 1 Active Master CA-
00:04:96:9b:ba:24 2 Active Standby CA-

Please advice

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What does the "show log" and "show log messages nvram" output display at the time the issue is happening?

Do you see any CRC errors on the stack ports? You can determine that by running the command: "show ports stack-ports rxerrors"

It is recommended to use a ring topology instead of daisy-chain. Please see the GTAC knowledge article below:
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Is this in reference to the posted output to show stacking found on this thread Help! Stack unexpected reboot

If so, consider the output previously posted and understand that if the stack is still in a master / standby configuration and daisy chain. The assumption is that there is only 1 stack cable connecting the nodes. This means if standby looses connection to its master for any reason (in this case disconnecting the stack cable) it will reboot because it is not master capable and relies on communication to a master.