Stacking with X440 and X480

  • 6 July 2015
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What are the option to stack a X440 and an X480, I belive the X440 can summitstack and summitstack-V (Is there any documentaion on summit stack please).

Does the X440 summitstack-V work with a SFP module and the same with the X480, this would be a SFP module for the summitstack-V?

Does XOS still recognise stacking while usign SFP on X440?


3 replies

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You can stack a 440 with a X480 if there is a summitstack module in the X480. If you have an X440 with 10 Gig SFP+ you could do alternate stacking with these ports to 10 Gig ports on the X480. We do not support stacking on 1 Gig SFP.

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So the default stacking module in the X440 will work with the stacking module in the X480?

Which stacking module in the X480 will it be? the summitstack-v?

what is the difference between summitstack & summitstack-V?

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The standard SummitStack module allows a 10Gb connection between stack ports and uses the standard stacking cable. The SummitStack-V modules are used for V, V80, V160, V320 stacking. These modules use a QSFP+ connection.

Considering the X440 (Non 10Gb) has SummitStack built-in, you will not be able to stack the X480 with the X440 using the SummitStack-V modules.

I have created a article for this specific question. There is a link attached which has a chart that explains the different models and the respective modules.

Hope this helps!