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Stp config for mlag design

  • 13 February 2018
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I have a network, where there are two MLAG peers at the core. Each peer is a stack made of one X670-G2 and one X460-G2. At the edge I have 12 stacks, each one made of 4 pcs.up to 6 pcs X440-G2. On every edge stack there is a lag using 2 x 10Gb, connected to MLAG peers:

enable sharing 1:52 grouping 1:52,4:52 algorithm address-based L3_L4 lacp

AFAIK, starting from 22.3 (or 22.x), there is stp enabled by default on all switch ports.
So I disabled it on uplinks to MLAG:

configure stpd s0 delete vlan Default ports 1:52

There is no more stp config within the edge stack (except defaults, of course).
Is it enough to have proper stp configuration accross the edge stack ?
What I am really trying to achieve, is a loop-free configuration, but elrp is not allowed as it is extreme-owned protocol.

Any suggestions ?


3 replies

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Hi Robert

i think that could be better configure spantree edge-safeguard, to block accidental loop made by patch cord on the access port.

Belowe the configuration tha I use over our network

configure stpd s0 ports edge-safeguard enable 1:1-48 bpdu-restrict recovery-timeout 300

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Thank you, Claudio - that will be useful too.
Anyway, stp on MLAG uplink should be disabled, right ?
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Hello Guys,

Is the config line:

configure stpd s0 delete vlan Default ports 1:52

enough to disable completely stp on that port, or do I have to do it for all vlans (not just "Default" vlan) ?