what is the best way to reboot an entire stack of 3 switches?

  • 3 June 2016
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I'm assuming that reboot stack-topology will reboot all 3 switches in the stack and have them come back up without changing slots.

Is this true or is there some other way that I should reboot them?

7 replies

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I usually just use the reboot command without specifying a slot and the entire stack reboots.
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Thanks Darren. I have a tendency to overthink these things sometimes. :)
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The reboot stack-topology when issued from the stack master node should also reboot the entire stack.
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Thank you as well Andrew!
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If you reboot a stack or stack member, the unit numbering will not chamge.
reboot stack-topology command is used to reboot the entire stack. difference between reboot and reboot stack-topology is, "reboot stack-topology" command can be executed from any slot. but reboot command can be executed only from master node.
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There are 2 different purposes/concepts for "reboot" and "reboot stack-topology" commands.

When you use "reboot" command on master node it will reboot all units in the Active Topology. That means only stacking members working and running will be rebooted.

However, if you do "reboot stack-topology", it will reboot the Stack Topology regardless of its members state.