X440 g2 stack

  • 30 June 2016
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On x440g2 its possible use 2 ports for stack and other ports 10g to communicate with others switchs. Its nescessary license to stack at 10g

3 replies

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stacking is free, if you want to use the other 2 ports for 10G you must license...

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Hi Luis,

As already mentioned by David, you only need license to use those 2 data ports.

If you want to use all 4 ports in the future (data ports), you will need to purchase a license to 4 ports. It's not possible to purchase a license to 2 ports more when you have a license already applied.
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David is right. You can use stacking on two of the ports, and the other can be used at 10G with a Dual 10GbE Upgrade License.