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x450-G2 won't boot after enabling stacking on master

Hey folks!

I'm working on a stack of (3) X450G2-48p-10G4 to replace our old X350 user stack. The new switches have on them from the factory. I enabled stacking and the switches rebooted, but (what should have been) the number 2 switch did not come back up. Consoled into it and found it stuck at:

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Starting CRC of Default image

Using Default image ...

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I attempted to reboot and get into bootloader a few times, but was not successful. Has anyone seen this before?

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first of all you should have upgraded, the prompt must have been telling you that: this exos image is not a GA one.

If you cannot go further than that, maybe you can try an upgrade through bootloader. Can you access it? reboot and from console keep pressing the space bar. Don't wait for the message to appear, you might miss it. Try also without stacking cables connected.
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Hi Alan, Can you let us know if this issue has been resolved?