X460-G2 stack all port lights constantly flashing with no nework

  • 25 April 2017
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I have a stack of 5 X460-G2's, for the past few days for about an hour all the port status lights are flashing continuously and do not provide any poe or network.
Have checked the logs and everything and it shows that everything is OK, no errors messaged, nothing. I have checked if there is a loop and I'm unable to find one. A Reboot does nothing.

To make things worst this switch is connected to all the Execs so a quick resolution is needed!!
Help Please!

3 replies

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Hello Tristram,

I would recommend calling into GTAC if you need a quick resolution. The fact that POE is going out on all 5 switches is very odd and unlikely. I have a feeling that this is traffic related which will be very difficult to troubleshoot on a post.
What version of code are you running? Are you using policy?
Depending on the code version and what you are doing, reminds me of the bug I had where stack members would flash and reload breaking the stack and causing high cpu.. running code with policy and multiple enforces. I also believe this has something to do with difserv replacement enabled.