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2015-10-12: New GTAC Knowledge Articles October 4 - October 10, 2015

  • 13 October 2015
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Here are the new articles that were published last week
(October 04 - October 10 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, October 04, 2015:
How to create alarms for specific device groups in Netsight Console
How to create an alarm in NetSight to show when a SecureStack member switch has failed

Monday, October 05, 2015:
IO slots reboot with memory depletion due to high amount of CPU congestion caused by multicast traffic
IdentiFi wireless Guest Portal user accounts are not synchronizing with both controllers
How to create host access list on S-Series to prevent unauthorized login attempts

Tuesday, October 06, 2015:
"show config vlan" reports random port grouping in configuration
S-Series, K-Series High CPU when manipulating ACLs
How to configure PIM-SSM
How to troubleshoot a scenario where master node in the stack is not able to detect another existing switch in the stack
Reason for Power usage monitoring not supported on Summit switch
S-Series reports multiple BPDU sources received on port when connected to EXoS switch
show access-list meter ports output displays multiple ports that have not configured the meter
Can policy rules be defined for a single client?
Extreme N/S/K/7100-Series or SecureStack Seeing Large Number of Topology Changes
Extreme SecureStack and S-Series Not Forming an OSPF Neighborship
Flow Collector does not send netflow records to Purview appliance
No RPs showing up in PIM RP set
snpDmp file is created, but sysDmp file is not created
Can I remove the VLAN interface IP address if DHCP server functionality is enabled on the Switch?
What are tagged and untagged ports?
Understanding EXOS VLANS and tagged and untagged ports
What are the basic commands to create and validate VLAN configurations in EXOS?
Can the IdentiFi wireless appliances DHCP server support advance DHCP options?
Netflow is not being sent to the PurView Appliance from the Virtual Controller
S-Series 7100-Series Minimum config example - 802.1AE MACsec
Port link stays up when port is disabled

Wednesday, October 07, 2015:
Sys-health-check Checksum error in Alpine , ExtremeWare device
Which load balancing algorithm is used for ECMP?
ios devices do not get ip when using WEP a/n/ac 3825
Spanning Tree Restricted Roll Restricted TCN and FBPDU on 800-series spantree configuration commands
How To Configure MAC to Vlan Association as Alternative To MAC To Role Mapping
Windows end-systems give a "Not a valid trust anchor for this profile" Error for a valid, publicly signed Certificate
Client devices are unable to connect to 802.11n
What does the OSPF audit message, " FSM state has deteriorated"?
Changing the VLAN IP Address causes the routes to be not preferred
Failed to download image - Certificates missing; Image signature validation will be bypassed.
NAC message No install file, this must be a secondary login during setup, skipping postinstall
What are the VirtualBox settings for installing the EXOS i386 Platform Virtual Machine?
Workaround for LACP-fallback/backup feature support in EXOS
How to configure Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to synchronize the switch time with an external NTP Server
Netsight: enabling gmail freezes console alarm tool
Siem: New devices do not autodiscover log source
OneView: Cannot sort the maps by alphanumerical name

Thursday, October 08, 2015:
Ospfv3 fails to select the best cost external route
Ports not getting added to aggregator in LACP with passive mode
How to Enforce a Purview Appliance
How to return defective units from Brazil back to Extreme
How to do a Compass search in OneView
Both 40GB Ports Are Changed To 4x10GB or 1x40GB Mode When Only One Port Is Specificed
"set length" functionality doesn't work on version
C5 rejecting clients with MAC locking enabled
MAC OS X El Capitan Not Being Fingerprinted In NAC
Wireless Client Disconnect, and Redirection to Captive Portal
V2110 Users unable to get network connection
Fan failed message displaying logs of X450-G2 switch
How to Verify Signal is Present on Fiber Connection
How to Troubleshoot EAPS Segment Timer Fail Flag Messages
"show fans" output shows incorrect information for X440-8P in EXOS patch 1-8 and above release
Netsight Policy Manager layer 4 rule with IP doesn't work
With 9.21 firmware and Radar enabled, clients are not able to join the wireless service.
How to create a DB9 to RJ-45 console cable that will work with the C5210 and C35 Wireless Appliances
IdentiFi Wireless Controller keeps reporting Component [SNMP Agent] is down - followed by restart of component

Friday, October 09, 2015:
When selecting (configuration > SNMP) from the web GUI (EXOS Screenplay)
800-Series POE Failure
What are the states for SNMP OID ifOperStatus 2 and 6
S-Series Logging Buffer Error RtrArpProc[ on vlan.0.1 responds to ARP requests using a Sender Hardware Address [X-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX] that does not match the L2 source address [...
Inventory Manager - custom scripts no visible
Communication issues when connected to WS-AP3705i
How to Configure NTP Support over VIP of VRRP
PortView not displaying for wireless clients
What are the Extreme Networks Support Hotline Phone numbers?

Saturday, October 10, 2015:
SecureStack switch reset cause by Fault(0x00001200)

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