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2015-11-09: New GTAC Knowledge Articles November 1 - November 7, 2015

Here are the new articles that were published last week
(November 01 - November 07 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, November 01, 2015:
IDM enabled port without logging in to the PC accounts the port as authenticated and assign a Kerberos authenticated flag
S-Series blade shipped with code
Virtual NetSight/NAC appliances crashing after upgrade to 6.3
NAC upgrade .bin files keep reporting incorrect MD5 sum after multiple downloads

Monday, November 02, 2015:
IdentiFi controller will not reboot after a firmware update when using Hyper-V
3610 and 3620 reset while running 9.15.08 and 9.15.09
How to remove a node from a stack
S-Series module not joining chassis with error: The legacy module in slot X cannot run in V2 compatibility mode.
How to change the master-capability for a slot in a stack.
Wireless Manager showing Identifi Controller as "not synchronized"
Wireless Appliance GUI reports WDS Key too short even when it's larger than16 characters long
Wireless appliance resetting due to MU Session Manager not responding.
Unable to synchronize switch with Ridgeline after upgrading to SP2
Where is the Wireless WAS server upgrade process?
Where is the Extreme Networks Whitepapers hyperlink?

Tuesday, November 03, 2015:
Oneview script reports Missing parameter for task: CLI_LOGIN_PROMPT
How to measure the total volume of routed traffic on an EXOS device
ACL redirect-port not overriding L2 echo kill
Does the ST1206-0848-F6 Support PoE?
How ?To Change the Pre-shared Key in a WDS WLAN Service
K-Series Fabric Module in boot loop with message: Error! System Image Checksums do not match!
Unable to enforce more than 43 rules via Policy Manager
Nintendo 3dx will not attach to the AP3825
7100G-Series error when setting port duplex to half: Duplex half not supported on port
S-Series Fails to Boot With Error Message: Could not read Part Number from Chassis EEPROM - CRC mismatch
Importing B@AC topology from the controller causes the l3 presence to be enabled in NetSight Wireless Manager

Wednesday, November 04, 2015:
Deploying template to wireless controller fails when there is no topology group present on the controller
Radius configuration with shared-secret of 32 character are lost after reboot
ID LED on the front of the 5210 Wireless Appliance is Blue, what does that mean?
High CPU on K-Series - Top Task SNMP
S-Series blade reset - Fuji LU RAM

Thursday, November 05, 2015:
Random Windows 7 Clients Not Connecting to 802.1x VNS
How to disable LED on the Access Points
How to verify that your VRRP configuration is up and running properly
How to generate backdoor password for ELS-100
Serial numbers are truncated in OneView DeviceView
After upgrade to 9.21.04 AP crashes when retrieving log traces
NetSight Policy Manager - SNMP issues changing default role on ports and policy enforce and verify fails
Invalid stats on AP Performance by Radio GUI report.
OneView: Wireless information no showing up on OneView's heat maps
Why does "show switch" display No Backup when executing that command from the Master from Summit stack?

Friday, November 06, 2015:
How to Block PVST on a port using Policy
NAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Incorrect or Missing Hostname Information
Upgrading A NAC appliance To 6.2
How to use a script to configure an EXOS switch login banner using Ridgeline or NetSight
Why can't I turn on auto-negotiation on some ports of my X650?
Access Points are connected, but not operational
Can I use an existing VRRP VRID to create another VRRP instance
S Series Performance Problems Errors on VSB ports
RFC 3576 Errors reported in NAC appliance events after firmware upgrade of device
Ascom i75 Handsets are experiencing connection issues
What is the maximum number of IPv4 Multicast groups supported on Extreme devices?
MIBs for N/S-Series Power Supply and Fan Tray Status
Why is one power supply outputs different from the rest in the Black Diamond Chassis
NetSight Compass not showing ip-addresses for all ports
S-Series running Inter-area filtering on OSPF ABR does not work as expected
vlan communication lost in EAPS environment, when CDP packet received over backup EAPS link

Saturday, November 07, 2015:
What is the function of the process NIM-t Task
Configuring ACL setup for user ports not connecting to internet

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