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2015-11-16: New GTAC Knowledge Articles November 8 - November 14, 2015

  • 17 November 2015
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Here are the new articles that were published last week
(November 08 - November 14 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, November 08, 2015:

Monday, November 09, 2015:
S-Series f/w 7.02 Configuring Loopback Interfaces for Passive OSPF
S-Series f/w Loopback Interface cannot be SNMP Managed
S/N-Series f/w Loopback Interface always shows 'ipv6 forwarding'
Replacing a Purview appliance, what do I need to copy?
How many switches can be supported via NAC manager
C5210 Spontaneous restarts with message Hardware Watchdog Timeout or Hardware Reset Button.
NetSight not communicating with Purview
Policy Manager enforce changes VLAN name on XOS switches
Inventory Manager Configuration Template variable with special characters for a value suspends Template Download wizard process
S-Series Resets with "Host memory hard ECC error" in Log
Switch shows "Config Booted: Factory Default"
Users not authenticating across VPN
Purview Collector checklist for S-Series, K-Series, PV-FC-180
Is EMISTP encapsulation needed on the uplink
Wireless Appliance RADIUS accounting updates not populating Input/Output Packets Attribute
How to configure the Skype for Business SDN Manager (LSM) service
Does a SecureStack C5-Series support Policy-Based Routing (PBR)?
How to configure software-controlled redundant ports
Summit X460-48p No longer providing PoE
SolarWinds NPM Fails to Bring Up All Interface Resources When Trying to Perform The "List Resources" Function
Only the original floorplan Map in the OneView Device menu is saved on export

Tuesday, November 10, 2015:
No more DCM Reports in Oneview after upgrade to
What is the function of the process ivlTaskUtilMonitorTask
What is the function of the process hapiL2AddrMacSyncTask
What is the function of the process dhcpsnoopTask
What are the intervals for the SecureStack switches to save a Configuration
What are the functions of the CPLD Task?
How to configure DHCP server on IdentiFi controller
How to Upgrade NetSight and NAC From Firmware to
How to configure rate limiting on IdentiFi Wireless
What are the basic details on CoS, DSCP and map settings
"show forwarding configuration" from a standby node in a stack doesn't reflect the config change of external table configuration correctly
How to configure a /31 subnet
What is the purpose of a G3-PWR-625W?
Is it possible to stack a C3G124-48P with a B3G124-48P?
What does the following message mean Received Interrupt PB_IRE_BURST_ERR_FOLLOW_SOP_IS_ERR
S-Series f/w is Problematic with Mazama ECC Errors
Process CliMaster crashed with Signal 5
How to delete the Offline APs from the controller manually?
No Netflow records are exported from Indentifi Wireless Controller or EWC to Purview
Netsight alarm does not turn the switch icon red
Unconfiguring meter ACL from VPWS service affects other services
How to configure NTP on a NAC appliance
S Series VXLan not passing traffic
MGBIC-LC05 is not linking on a SecureStack C5K175-24
NetSight unable to archive controller with Failure to Restore error using SCP
How to determine hardware class for S-Series modules
Error message displayed when attempting to back up a configuration file
Interim Accounting Packet updates go out without I/O packets and octets counts
Summit Series switch port slow blinking amber

Wednesday, November 11, 2015:
G/C/B/A-Series logs "sntpPollSend: send failed - errno 51" errors
Does EXOS support bootprelay inside L3VPN?
Optic doesn't link up on X480 VIM2
Mitel IP-Phones via LLDP-MED not join the VLAN
How to remove Purview Configuration or operating commands from the collector switch
can I list all clients on all rf-domains on a WM3000 controller
SNMPv3 minimum configuration on SSA switch to work with default SNMP credential of NetSight
Are the Extreme Switch Security Assessment tools bundled into EXOS?
Inventory Manager script for Cisco Nexus not running
How to verify Quality of Service (QoS) configuration is working on EOS products
Which QoS hardware queues are low latency queues (LLQ) on EOS products
Can you have per user allowed command permissions when using a radius server for authentication ?
What is the BTU rating on controller
Syslog was not showing up after upgrade to linux platform from Windows
What is the maximum possible combinations for mirroring
Error: the partition selected must not be the active partition
How to change chassis IO module without clearing the module configuration
How to advertise an aggregate or summary route in BGP on the S-Series
How to install a TFTP server in Windows
How to change the MAC address format sent to the RADIUS server for MAC Authentication
Can I use different VRRP versions on certain VLANs in my network?
SSH Unavailable on 7100
On the IdentiFi Appliance, can I schedule all my access points to reset?
Wireless Appliance does not forward Netflow traffic to Purview Appliance

Thursday, November 12, 2015:
reachability issues over x460 stack
after adding neighbor as IPv6 default route communication is lost
Matrix X- Series module is showing High CPU utilization
Can I delete the default tech-support collector?
Does EXOS support TACACS+ with IPv6 configuration?
Looking for Wireless User Roaming history using NAC Manager
How to configure SIEM for LDAP Authentication
Guest Accounts Vanish
BFD session is down but route is still in the routing table
What is the factory default management IP address of the 800-Series?

Friday, November 13, 2015:
What is the function of the process tNismProc
Will MGBIC-LC01 uplink module work on a Summit X460-G2?
MACLocking does not allow PC if firstarrival is 1 after time on SecureStack switches
Switch is generating Epm application wdg timer warning
Disable learning not working
Can you filter traffic on a mirror port

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