2016-05-23: New GTAC Knowledge Articles May 15 - 21, 2016

Here are the new articles that were published May 15 - May 21, 2016 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, May 15, 2016:
How to disable wireless on APs during specific times of the day?
Error: Unknown process exsshd

Monday, May 16, 2016:
What information does "show ports anomaly" display?
Issue with NLB/IGMP-Servers in current firmware
What does the value of 9600 mean with the Interface availability report in OneView?
The link state of 103 and 104 40G ports is shown 'NP (Not Present)' in Summit X770
EXOS application attempting to install incompatible ACL: filter vlan *
Unable to Configure VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint on 7100-Series
Is clustering supported with the V2110 on Hyper-V?
NAC Showing Error detected for RFC3576 authorization timeout from the Controller

Tuesday, May 17, 2016:
How do I Create a WLAN on A WM Controller
How do I create a Captive Portal For Simple Non-RADIUS Authentication
How to schedule an SSID to provide or turn off the WiFi service at a given day/time.
Collect VLAN statistics via CLI in EXOS
In Extreme Control Center (Netsight,Oneview) Some wireless Dashboard appear blank
AP4511 Does not adopt to the WM controller
Siem: How to determine the current flowrate of a Siem implementation?
Dragon: How can you find if a vulnerability has a Dragon signature currently available?
EXOS Python version
STP changes including private VLANs not saved in configuration on modern XOS versions
E1000 Failsafe voltage error. Contact support.
Unable to launch bootrom or login to X430
Specific mac addresses are not being learnt on the VPLS circuit.
Upgrade to Causes LSNAT Bindings to fail
ICMP Redirects sent out on wrong VLAN
EAPS, subscriber VLAN - Loop error after firmware update

Wednesday, May 18, 2016:
ExtremeControl - Updating Network Device Firmware
If an ingress ACL to deny traffic and an ingress mirror are configured on the same port will the denied traffic be mirrored?
How to Troubleshoot NTP on NetSight and NAC Linux Appliances
CFM is stuck in a faulted state with error defect XCON
ExtremeControl - Archiving a Device Configuration
Is there a factory reset script for Analytics appliance?
Random number of ports of a EOS switch stops forwarding data traffic
SNMPv6 traps sourced from the Extreme Wireless appliance are not recognized by a Trap Receiver.
How to create a .pol policy or python .py file on a EXOS switch?
Module Reboots in VSB Configuration
Netsight: How to prevent multiple page output using the Execute Command Script feature
How to obtain a copy of the Virtual EXOS software
Can NOT see anything under the Wireless tab in OneView.
What is the contact point when I purchased different version of Regulatory Domain license with controller's version (in case of new install)?
Netsight map supported file formats

Thursday, May 19, 2016:
Changing VLAN configuration in Chalet disables IP forwarding
S-Series chassis EEPROM Part number corruption
Why Are "Reset Password" Permissions Needed for the Standard User in NAC LDAP Configurations
Does the Wireless Controller Automatically Classify and Sort Wireless threats?
800-Series switch does not respond via default management IP address and COM port
Filter table Full: Failed to install IPV6 Link-Local MC Control Packet Filter for the port
AP custom channel plan is empty and no channels are selectable
How To Review ap.log on an IdentiFi Wireless Access Point
IdentiFi Wireless client mac addresses learned on incorrect AP with Bridged at AP Topology
IdentiFi - AP lost tunnel to controller, but is still responding to ping
How to send directed-broadcast to None-Authenticated VLAN user Wake on LAN
How to disable filter traps in SNMP via filter-profile
How to gather information in Netsight/Extreme Control before reinitializing database when no backup is available
What does the 802.11g protection rate setting do in AP advanced settings

Friday, May 20, 2016:
What is Maximum Number of MST Max SSIDsFor S-Series, K-Series, N-Series, C5-Series and C2-Series (Question)
How to physically locate a 7100-Series power supply serial number
Black Diamond I/O module experienced memory depletion with Async queue growing having custom type 57 - what does custom type mean?
How to permanently remove SecureStack switch and configuration from an existing stack
SNMP.Master.ReqDropVRDsbl in the log
Cannot downgrade WS-C35 from V10 to V9
FN410 - X620-16t and X620-8t-2x Harmless Message 'PHY8481 reset failed'
How to use WinSCP to copy files to and from a Netsight / Extreme Control Center Appliance
Applying 7100-Series Advanced license yields "It may already be in use" error
Wireless Client connectivity Unstable
7100-Series : SFP+ port may fail to forward traffic after link state changes with 8.42.xx fimware
Stack failure creating loops while configuring diffserv examination / replacement

Saturday, May 21, 2016:

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