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2016-12-05: New GTAC Knowledge Articles November 27 - December 03, 2016

Here are the new articles that were published November 27 - December 03, 2016 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, November 27, 2016:
What are reason for seeing this message: This is from manager 1 %% SNTP Socket close -1

Monday, November 28, 2016:
WS-AP-3935 not connecting clients when under a heavy load
Client connection issues, started with 10.01.06, still continuing with 10.11.04
Some devices cannot connect to network on cloud AP
Why does SNMP trap Link Up/Down does not include port instance.
S-Series Blade is not joining chassis due to Dune error
How to execute a traceroute on an IdentiFi Wireless Controller
Random AP loses its connection to the controller until rebooted
Disabling Virtual NAC Does not allow real NACs to function - Why?
FDB entries not ageing
NAC mobile Captive Portal blank on Apple devices
Multicast routing failed because multicast router port was not detected properly.
There is no command to change the priority of the ebgp/ibgp route in ipv6
Information not getting updated periodically for PSU,Odometer,Temperature and Fan
Convergence time longer than expected in an PIM-MSDP network

Tuesday, November 29, 2016:
Does EOS switch support ECMP?
IdentiFi Wireless AP not registering to controller due to Advanced DDoS" protection enabled
Wireless AP's not getting DHCP addresses, but other devices get DHCP with no problem with DHCP Server Cluster
What does the data in the dcs file from an AP trace tarball show
How to Find List of Configured VLANs on S, N, K, Securestack
Unable to delete topology GUI reports the topology is in use
Can Arbitrary Policy Role Names be entered in One the same way it is working for NAC java client.
After Upgrade of an NMS-Base 50, during Login in OneView the Dashboard is not loaded and error "Could not load report" is being seen.
Is it possible to issue notification from NAC in the moment new end system is being seen trough the 'End-System Added' and before the Resolving IP Address finished
What is flexible client access (FCA) and when and where can it be use effectively?
What is the topology mixed mode means under VNS

Wednesday, November 30, 2016:
IP resolution using SNMPv3 from NAC Gateway in VPN deployment
How to configure "Secure Guest Access" for guest users using Captive portal
What blocking algorithm is used for the "Maximum Fail Login Attempts"?
Is "OSPF neighbor down" correct behavior when failovering MSM in graceful restart and BFD enabled switch?
Why the default ESRP timer changed from 30s to 2s?
How to determine there is exceed ingress broadcast / multicast traffic?
NetSight OneView not support EXOS memory statistics
What is Blacknurse and how to prevent it?
SNMP trap is not generated when mlag peer is down with alternate path configuration
Peer down log message is not generated when mlag is configured with alternate path
Is there a way to disable wireless login message regarding AP Password was changed?
Extreme Wireless Synchronize failed status on WLAN Service
Command "debug hal show compact-flash" fails with kernel mismatch
Why do I see a message saying I'm connecting to an Unsecured Network?
Wireless HP Chromebooks - traffic dropped to Chromebook at AP, AP firmware 10.11.03
Port statistics showing >9999999999
Zebra Support Integration End User FAQ
Understanding Hex and other encryption option during SNMPv3 configuration in EXOS
Process rtmgr crash when OSPF/BGP neighbor reboots/goes down
VPLS state stuck in signaling state after L3 link flap
What is the meaning of log message "exosDhcpSnoop registered exosDhcpSnoop device"?

Thursday, December 01, 2016:
All fans rotating though output shows failed with zero RPM for all fans
SNMP OID for EXOS free memory
Difference between the SSA-T1068-0652 and SSA-T1068-0652A
Netsight Server CPU 100% reporting Out Of Memory: process terminated by OnOutOfMemoryError
Check for Table full conditions
How to deploy identiFi controllers with EXOS switches using MLAG
Not able to mirror STP BPDUs and other L2 protocols with one-to-many mirroring
Why are WING Access points are no longer transmitting Data on Ethernet port(s)?
LLDP information in SNMP is not correct
High Port utilization noticed on MVR receiver port

Friday, December 02, 2016:
What is the operating temperature of SFP Transceivers?
Chromebooks have slow performance on AP3710 when classroom users are all sending traffic
What is HIPOT (High Potential) testing?
What are the AP3610 mounting bracket options?
Does the Cloud AP support 802.11b?

Saturday, December 03, 2016:

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