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2017-08-28: New GTAC Knowledge Articles August 20 - 26, 2017

  • 29 August 2017
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Here are the new articles that were published August 20 - August 26, 2017 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, August 20, 2017:

Monday, August 21, 2017:
WS-AP3805 Access Point reboot with do_syslog error
Imaging Using MulticastFailsIf Routed
Sometimes Diagnostics don't run on X870 or X690 switches
Is the v6.2.0.221 NetSight OVA Restricted to an (8) CPU Maximum?
TW511 and TW522 WallPlate Site Survey Instructions
How to configure standalone WiNG AP GE Port as a Trunk port using SwiftUI
Is XOS Vulnerable to CVE-2017-3733
Can you use WiNG AP models ending with -WR in the United States?
What Version V2110 will support the ESXi Version 6.5?
How to configure OSPF link type in EXOS?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017:
High HAL CPU on X770 with EXOS 22.2.1
RADIUS failures are occurring at various times in the network
Is it OK that EMC "ExtremeNetworks.com update" option points to "enterasys.com" instead of "www.extremenetworks.com"
How to Follow, or Tail, the EMC "server.log" File on a Windows 20012 R2 Server

Wednesday, August 23, 2017:
NTLM authentication failing on a single domain in a multi-domain LDAP authentication environment
In Summit X460-G2-48p-10GE4, "show ports" and "show ports configuration" output displays link state for port 1:51 and port 1:52 as "NP" (Not Present)
Could not load report errors after upgrading Extreme Management from to
What does the wall-mount bracket WS-MBI-WALL03 (part# 30513) look like?
How to configure Router IP discovery
C4110 shows error on front panel stating "Memory configured but unusable. Check DIMMs"
Can "Default AP Settings have the ability to synchronize?

Thursday, August 24, 2017:
EXOS Incorrectly Allows Policy to Create VLAN with Reserved Keyword via SNMP
Wireless WDS bridge fails with Loop on Summit switch
How to apply a WING VX EGuest license key via the CLI
Are the Hub and Extreme Portal Single Sign-On?
Will changes applied to the 5GHz radio, toggle the 2.4GHz radio on dual-band radio WiNG APs?
OneView Timed Restart let devices reboot immediately
NAC/EAC Troubleshooting Tips - Enabling End System Diagnostics
How to configure the failover priority for an ESRP domain
Can the REACHNXT 100-8T be modeled in EMC?
Add parameter to Alarm Send E-Mail in EMC 8x

Friday, August 25, 2017:
How to apply any license key on a WiNG controller via the CLI
Mac Sierra 10.12.5 WiFi/802.1x Issues. Clients either can't authenticate at all through 802.1x SSID's and/or have issues coming out of "sleep" mode and re-connecting to WiFi correctly.
New Macbook Pros, running iOS 10.12.6, will fail 802.1 authentication.
PIM process crash following stack failover
SecureStack became unresponsive including console cold boot caused config loss
Securestack rmon history shows LAG port at 100% utilization
S Series Part of Routing Configuration Lost AfterUpgrade
Extreme Management Center upgrade script stops with MqSql process halting backup.
How to check if controller sends notification email
802.1X clients randomly fails to connect when on one controller in an availability pair
NAC CoA (Change of Authorization) does not work

Saturday, August 26, 2017:
How to create web service calls to modify registered users and devices in NAC
NetSight server won't start after NSJBoss.properties edit

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