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2017-09-11: New GTAC Knowledge Articles September 03 - 09, 2017

  • 14 September 2017
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Here are the new articles that were published September 03 - September 09, 2017 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, September 03, 2017:
puts command doesn't work in TCL scripting EMC environment
Where can I find documentation on how to deploy EAC Assessment?
How to customize the Show commands displayed output on WiNG controllers or APs

Monday, September 04, 2017:
No Wireless collection data after enabling statistics collection
How to avoid mint loops

Tuesday, September 05, 2017:
Google Expeditions Application is not working.
Is It Possible to Migrate All VLANs to VRFs Other than the Global (Default)?
AP3916 camera AP not able to upgrade camera software
Can you run the "Install Wizard" through CLI?
AP sensor is shown as offline in NSight
AirDefense - ADSP - Do WING AP7522ac radios in sensor mode scan extended channels within 5GHz
The nodeAlias Erroneously Displays a single end-system in multiple VLANs
All syslog entries are displayed as severity "Info" with NetSight version
Can you poll SNMP stats from WiNG VX9000?
MESH or WDS performance with TCP maybe reduced with aggregate MSDU disabled
RADIUS Interim Updates are sent after update timer set to 0
Mesh or WDS child AP doesn't use short guard interval for uplink
G3 series resets with hwutils.c(7285) 537 %% i2c errors exceeded threshold
Unable to change custom image for Juniper device for maps in Extreme Management Center
Cloud MSP Power Admin cannot delete Read-Only Account.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017:
How to factory default S-Series configuration through console connection
What is the diifference between Volatile and non-Volatile command syntax?
Can you add a source and destination (2-way) policy on the wireless controller?
Radius packets are showing the wrong custom attributes for called-station-id
Does the X460-G2-16mp-32p-10GE4 support 2.5 Gbps?
How to set PoE mode to AP
In the report "Mesh Statistics" do the numbers in the column rx/tx rate represent the overall wireless link speed?
Wireless client registering to NAC and flipping VLAN is slow to get new IP address causing delay in registration process
Can I Migrate my V2110 from esxi to hyper-v?
Controller Pair shows floors being added and deleted in Audit logs
What is adaptivity?
Installing X.509 Certificate operation has failed for topology 'topologyname'. message seen during certificate installation
expy process died with signal 11 after reboot of Master Node of Summit Stack
How does re-authentication occur on 15.3 Exos G1 product?
SecureSwitch G3 rebooted after NAC Manager enforce of Radius configuration.

Thursday, September 07, 2017:
AP3965e drops IP address, requires power cycle to come back online
How to configure a Host Mobility ACL - Prevent unwanted host routes
SecureStack reset with no sysDmp file created
Cannot achieve 1G link on ports 25-48 of S-Series blade
S-Series: Understanding flow creation and the impacts of different flow learning modes
S-Series - Blade reset - DSI exception (0x00000300) - Thread Name: tDSrecv5
Recommendations for upgrading WiNG 5 wireless controller with remote site APs.
How to Reset 200 Series Switch to Factory Defaults
S-Series - Blade reset - DSI exception (0x00000300) - Thread Name: ipdhcps
Is there any documentation on how to migrate from one Wireless Controller type to another?
ARP reply packets going through MLAG ISC port not lifted to CPU in MLAG peer switch
How to use a Extreme Access Control (EAC/NAC) with a NMS License
Controller upgrade fails to fully complete, AP's can't reconnect to the controller afterwards
Netsight: How to Configure an Alarm to Trigger on Custom Criteria
How to ensure the ADSP installation has been done correctly
What is the meaning of "dot11i 4way handshake timeout (reason code:15)" and how to approach it?
STP Disabled port connected to edge device
MLAG Tx-Hello Errors counters increment when administratively disabling ISC VLAN

Friday, September 08, 2017:
Is there a method to power down WiNG 5 adopted access points from a WiNG 5 wireless controller?
What does the 'w' and/or 'ww' under WiNG 5 wireless controller/AP under radio settings/channel represent?
Series of Radius Reject attempting user dot1x authentication

Saturday, September 09, 2017:
Unable to change the model of an approved AP on wireless controller

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