Adding on X670G2 to an existing OSPF network

  • 13 December 2016
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Hi Johan,
It's been a while since this topic was updated. Have you been able to resolve this issue?
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Hello Johan,

We could see as per t he last post 4 weeks back the OSPF init state was changed to full state already. Hence we believe there is no more issues at present.

Let me tell you here some of the possible troubleshooting which you would always look into when this gets stuck in init state:

Kindly check for the mismatch in any of the following:

1: router id
2: area id
3: authentication password
4: subnet mask
5: stub area flag
6:hello and dead interval time

But as said earlier always we need to fix the layer 1 issue if any before proceeding further in to deeper analysis.

Please let us know if the suspected issue is resolved so that going forward we can wind off this long pending HUB thread communication