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Any hint how to configure Cisco WCCP-Feature within K-Series

  • 6 December 2013
  • 3 replies

Dear Community,

i recieved a request i would like to answer with a enterasys K6, the only point i found is the request of beeing capable of doing WCCP redirect do communicate to an ironport.

Is this doable with K6?



3 replies

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Hi Tom,

I'm not super familiar with Cisco's WCCP, but I think that the TWCB feature is similar. Here's a link to the feature guide if it helps.


Let me know if that helps. If needed I can try to ping a few others to get some more info.

Hi Tyler,

TWCB is fine, but unfortunately a S-Series-Feture. SSA has some "issues" with 10G-Density, S-140 is more expensive than a Cat4500E. Maybe I´l try with some stacked Summits:

entry redirect {if {protocol tcp/udp;destination-port 80;} then {redirect x.x.x.x/y;}}

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Hi Tom, I would suggest that if this is a feature you would like to see in the k-series, please feel free to suggest this as a product "idea" in the community and we can get this into product management's hands.