Appears in the log: "Unit Leave:2", and "Unit Join:2" very constantly

Hi all,
A have a stack Enterasys B5 with 4 equipments in the IDF. In some cases, some users told me that are out of the network and suddenly are on line again.

I made a review of the switches, and found this in the log:

<162> JAN 10 01:09:08 EDB[226211192]: edb.c(600) 56 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.
<162> JAN 10 01:09:08 EDB[240444136]: edb.c(600) 57 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Jan 10 01:09:36 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(494) 267 %% EDB Callback: Unit Join: 2.

<162> JAN 13 16:22:39 EDB[240444136]: edb.c(600) 59 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Jan 13 16:22:46 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(600) 272 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162> JAN 13 16:22:47 EDB[226211192]: edb.c(600) 58 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Jan 13 16:23:13 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(494) 277 %% EDB Callback: Unit Join: 2.

<162>Feb 3 16:46:46 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(600) 333 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162> FEB 03 16:46:51 EDB[226211192]: edb.c(600) 60 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162> FEB 03 16:46:51 EDB[240444136]: edb.c(600) 61 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Feb 3 16:47:18 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(494) 341 %% EDB Callback: Unit Join: 2.

<162> FEB 03 19:17:41 EDB[226211192]: edb.c(600) 62 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162> FEB 03 19:17:41 EDB[240444136]: edb.c(600) 63 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Feb 3 19:17:46 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(600) 362 %% EDB Callback: Unit Leave: 2.

<162>Feb 3 19:18:13 EDB[240446072]: edb.c(494) 366 %% EDB Callback: Unit Join: 2.

So, my question is:

- is there a problem with the switch? I mean: IOS, firmware, cable o the appliance? do I have to upgrade the firmware? the info about this is this:

Chassis Serial Number: xxxxxxxx
Chassis Firmware Revision:


Model: B5G124-48P2
Serial Number: xxxxxxxxx
Vendor ID: 0xbc00
Base MAC Address: xxxxxxxxx
Hardware Version: BCM56514 REV 1
POE Board Version: 0.0
FirmWare Version:
Boot Code Version: 02.02.51
POE Version: 2_1

I hope this info be usefull to help me to find the solution.
Thank you!!
P.D. Sorry for my bad english.

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Good Day to you Manuel, It could be a number of things but i particular I would run the show switch stack-ports and see if there are any errors. Could be a bad connections(maybe try an reseat each connector on the back of the stack Maybe this would be a good start by checking those cables by disconnecting and then connect them one at a time. if you do show switch do they report the same firmware on all switches? You might want to call into the GTAC so we can assist. I wanted to start you off with something to check. Ifyou run the command dir Dmp and see dmp files then I would contat the GTAC and WE can assist you. You can feel free to use my name Jason and I can try to assist. Here are some files to collect before calling into the GTAC so you can have everything prepared to moving forward to addressing your issue look for this first: dir Dmp (This shows all of the files that are hidden with a doing a dir) and then type: . -Copy Dmp tftp://x.y.z.w/name.z  will bundle all of the files from all of the units into one file. -Show Support -To collect the Current.log copy logs/current.log tftp://
Hi Jason,

I will test the cables today during the night (in a maintenance window). I will disconnect and connect the stack configuration cables one by one in order to be sure that they don't have problems.

Also, I will change the power cable.

Acording to the info with the "show switches", this is the display:

IDF_P4(rw)->show switch Management Preconfig Plugged-in Switch Code
Switch Status Model ID Model ID Status Version
------ ------------ ----------- ----------- --------------------- --------------
1 Mgmt Switch B5G124-48P2 B5G124-48P2 OK
2 Stack Member B5G124-48P2 B5G124-48P2 OK
3 Stack Member B5G124-48P2 B5G124-48P2 OK
4 Stack Member B5G124-24 B5G124-24 OK

So, I assume is the same version.

Meanwhile I already extracted the files with the copy command.

I really don't know what the GTAC's phone number is. Please, can you provide me that information?

Thank you so much for your help.


Manuel Pineda.
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Hi Manuel,
Contact information for GTAC can be found here:
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How to slove the probilem ?
Hi everyone,

I had that problem and I realised that it was caused by one unit rebooted.