assign dhcp server address on vlan


In Enterasys Networks for external DHCP server we configure,

interface vlan 10
ip address
no shutdown

For new Extreme Networks Device for example x460, how can I configure this.
I got 1 external DHCP in windows 2008 R2. 1 BD 8806 and some x460 on edge

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configure bootprelay add [i] [vr ]
enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan

So you configure the DHCP server ip addresses on a virtual router (or VR-Default) and then enable it on the specific VLANs that are connected to that VR that need DHCP.

As far as I know, you can configure more than one DHCP server (one "configure" line per server, i think), and you'll just get the IP address of the server that replies first. The new Windows 2008 DHCP servers can be configured smart enough that both know what addresses have been given out - no more "80-20 splitting" mess like in older windows versions 🙂

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Frank you are right great explanation. depending of the version of code you can configure a different DHCP server per VLAN.