Configuration Netflow in S-Series does NOT Work

This is the configuration of my S-Series, however my collector receives no information, I do not understand what the problem is.
I monitor the collector with "tcpdump port 2203" but nothing is received, however if from the S-Series run telnet to 2203 if you get it, so I discard it a problem iptables.

Any ideas?

My configuration:
# Chassis Firmware Revision:!
# netflow
set netflow export-interval 1
set netflow export-destination 2203
set netflow export-data enable vlan
set netflow port lag.0.121 enable both
set netflow template refresh-rate 600 timeout 1
set netflow cache enable

CPD1(su)->show netflow

Cache Status: enabled
Export Version: 5
Export Interval: 1 (min)
Number of Entries: 6291455
Inactive Timer: 40 (sec)
Template Refresh-rate: 600 (packets)
Template Timeout: 1 (min)

Destination IP UDP Port
--------------------------------------- -------- 2203

Export Rate Max Export Rate
Slot (records per second) (records per second)
2 10000 20000
3 10000 20000

Enabled Ports Both Ingress and Egress:

Disabled Ports:

Export Statistics:
Network Packets Sampled: 285574261
Exported Packets: 0
Exported Records: 0
Export Packets Failed: 0
Export Records Dropped: 0

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I have seen a similar problem.

We have a number of S series devices exporting flows successfully.

However the switch the netflow collector is attached to does not send out any flows despite all S series have an identical netflow configuration.

If i run wireshark on the collector i can see flows from all other switches, but not from the switch it is attached to.

I meant to speak to GTAC about it but have not had time yet.

it work!

A default interface must be configured for the records to export.

"set ip default interface vlan.0.1"

My S4 vlan.0.1 not exist, I have defined another interface and started to work.

Thanks GTAC.